Billy Bob Buttons News



Billy Bob Buttons’ latest picture book is now in the shops. If you want to get a copy, you can buy it on the website or simply go to Amazon. Enjoy!


Another Successful Year

The end of a very successful year for Billy Bob Buttons. He visited 231 schools, primary, secondary and SEN, he travelled over 20,000 km and met with over 100,000 childen. And that’s just in 12 MONTHS! He’s almost, almost finished a new adult book under the pen name Hickory Crowl, and WHY MONSTERS DROOL will be in the shops after summer. And, finally, my last satistic - promise - he signed over 25,000 books. His hand must be killing him!

Next year, he plans to visit just 100 schools, so if you would like him to visit, contact his agent at He’s also planning to write a set of books for yr 2 and 3 including Never Ever Tickle the Tickle Monster, Lollipop Bob, Graffiti Gran and The Attack of the Killer Traffic Cones!

It’s going to be a fun year!



Billy Bob Buttons’ latest picture book will be in the shops in July! Partnering up with Yoga D C who also illustrated The Hungry Grasshopper and Wide Awake, it will be full of monsters and the most disgusting food ever including fish hook pizza and a wasps’ nest lollipop! Yummy!