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Animated Film

Billy Bob Button’s popular picture book, The Boy Who Piddled in His Grandad’s Slippers will soon be an animated film! The twenty minute story will be on Amazon Prime after Christmas 2017. Watch out for it!


Cool Kids Book Prize

Cool Kids Book Prize 2016

Every year we will be announcing the title of a picture book that we think is fantastic. Who are we? We are mums. There are eleven of us living in sunny Liverpool. That was a joke by the way; it’s forever drizzling. We have young children aged 1 – 7. Over the years, our children have enjoyed many picture books and we thought it would be fun to give an award to the book our children enjoyed the best.

So, this being our first year, we picked a book by an author who visited our school. His name is Billy Bob Buttons and our children thought he was marvelous. They also liked his books: The Boy Who Piddled in His Grandad’s Slippers, The Hungry Grasshopper and, their favourite, Wide Awake. Here’s the blurb:

Ralph’s woken up and wants to play. But Daddy’s still snoring in his bed. NO PROBLEM! With the help of his trumpet, a very smelly nappy and three spiders in a box, Daddy will soon be...WIDE AWAKE!

Our children thought it was super-funny, particularly the part with the smelly nappy and the box full of spiders!

So, congrats to Billy Bob Buttons, the first winner of the Cool Kids Book Prize.



A New Term

Billy Bob Buttons is planning to visits hundreds of schools this academic year. If you are interested in organising a visit, you can contact his agent: