Billy Bob Buttons News


Film News

Billy Bob Buttons’ hit book, I Think I Murdered Miss, will be filmed next summer in Nottinghamshire. The script, co-written by Billy, has just been completed, and now the hunt is on for children to play Isabella, Simon and Felix. The film is planned for release Summer 2019 and will first be shown on Amazon Prime.


New Adult Book

This summer, Billy Bob Buttons, under the pen name Hickory Crowl, will be releasing his first adult novel entitled Ten. Set in 1666, it is a mystery thriller described by Book Bag as, ’A towering story of betrayal and brutality.’ Eclipse Magazine has called it ’A rivetting thriller.’ It will be in the shops this September!


School Visits in London

Next week, Billy Bob Buttons will be in London visiting 10 schools including Woodpecker Hall Academy, Romsey Abbey Primary, the International School of London and Benthal Primary School in Hackney.