Billy Bob Buttons News


New Book Coming Soon

If you didn’t know, Billy Bob Buttons has another pen name, Hickory Crowl. He’s presently working on a new post-apocolyptic young adult novel entitled The Skeleton Clock. It’s the first in a trilogy and should be in the shops by 2021. Fingers crossed!


Billy Bb Buttons in Isle of Wight

Nest week, Billy Bob Buttons will be spending a week on the island visiting lots of primary schools. There, he’ll be delivering workshops on character, planning, adventure writing anf myths and legends. There’ll also be booksignings at all of the schools Enjoy!


Billy Bob Buttons’ Latest Book is OUT!

Billy Bob Button’s latest children’s book, Never EVER Tickle the Tickle Monster, is now in the shops. Here’s the blurb:

The Tickle Monster’s job is to tickle children. Thankfully, every child knows you must never, EVER tickle the Tickle Monster back. Every child but Jimmy that is. AND HE JUST DID!

If you wish to buy a SIGNED COPY, simply go to SHOP. Or, you can buy a copy here: